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Venture Capital Fund Registration

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Check the Eligibility Criteria

Venture Capital Fund (VCF) is a form of fund established in the form of a trust or a company including a body corporate registered with SEBI that provides capital to early-stage or high-growth companies (start-ups). While VCF offers high level of risk associated with the investments, returns offered are also exponential in nature. So how does Venture Capital Registration practically happens? Shweta Gupta, a renowned company secretary who also serves MUDS Management Pvt. Ltd as its CEO will share her insight on the detailed process of Venture Capital Registration in a simplified manner below:-

Venture Capital Fund Registration

Step #1: Check the Eligibility Criteria

Following are some points that helps in identifying the eligibility criteria. Unless the following stated conditions are met, Board may not grant the certificate to the applicant
  • Check whether the company registration document permits to carry the activity of ‘Alternative Investment Fund’ or ‘Venture Capital Fund’
  • Check whether the following compliance are followed in each of the following company types:-
  • Check whether the following criteria are met by people behind it:-

Applicant or Sponsor or Manager

  • Key Investment Team of the Manager of the Fund

Step #2: Apply to SEBI

Apply to SEBI in Form A as provided in the SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012 along with all the necessary documents. Pls note:-
  • Attach a covering letter with the following checklist:-
  • Form A should be appropriately filled, numbered, duly signed and stamped
  • Submit an application fees of Rs.1,00,000/- by way of bank draft in favour
  • The applicant shall also make an online application in terms of the guidelines as prescribed by SEBI from time to time.
Divya Gupta who serves as a Market Analyst with MUDS Management Pvt Ltd shares her experience that- “Reply from SEBI is generally received within 21 days. Make sure requirements are complied without delay”

Step #3: Check Application Status

If applicant fulfils the requirements as specified in the Regulations, SEBI shall approve the application and inform the applicant – simple !

Step #4: Pay Registration Fee

On receipt of approval from SEBI, applicant must pay registration fee of Rs.5,00,000/- (If applicant is not registered with SEBI as a Venture Capital Fund) / Re-registration fees of Rs. 1,00,000/- (If applicant is registered with SEBI as a Venture Capital Fund) by way of bank draft in favour of “The Securities and Exchange Board of India”, payable at Mumbai.

Step #5: Collect Certificate of Registration from SEBI

On receipt of registration/ re-registration fees, SEBI will grant the applicant the certificate of registration as an ‘Alternative Investment Fund’.

Step #6: Follow Compliance Post the Registration